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About Community Connections for Children

Community Connections for Children (CCC) serves as the Early Learning Resource Center for Regions 9 & 10 and is committed to helping children, families, and early childhood education programs be successful. We support low-income working families in paying for child care and provide resources, training, and on-site technical assistance to early childhood education providers to help them improve their program to ensure that every child is successful in school and life. We serve approximately 24,000 children, families, and early childhood education programs a year in Adams, Centre, Cumberland, Dauphin, Juniata, Lancaster, Lebanon, Mifflin, Northumberland, Perry, Snyder, Union, and York counties. You can learn more about Early Learning Resource Centers here.


Community Connections for Children Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Position Statement  

Community Connections for Children (CCC) serves as an Early Learning Resource Center and is committed to helping children, families, and early childhood education programs be successful. As part of that commitment, we acknowledge the diversity that comes from within and outside of our organization. We envision a thriving, growing community where children embrace a culture of learning, stay in school, and excel. To achieve this goal, we strive to be inclusive regardless of ability, age, religion, politics, race, national origin, class, family status, sexual orientation, and gender.  We believe that hatred, in any form, negatively impacts our community because all people are different, deserve to be respected, and have their humanity recognized. We provide tools for success and accommodations that contribute to an equitable environment, so all people receive what they need.

At CCC, we understand that individual needs will vary, and we strive to be fair and equitable across the board. As an organization, we are committed to advocating for social justice and intentionally including all our stakeholders.  Through our many programs and roles in the community, we actively support and bring awareness to opportunities for marginalized voices and opinions at the local, state, and regional level. We believe in transparent communication, listening, volunteering, and creating a sense of belonging for all stakeholders. CCC values the rights and unique gifts of each individual. We are intentional about developing and maintaining relationships based upon respect, open and honest communication, acceptance, and inclusion so that each person we come in contact with has the best chance at success. CCC is committed to continual growth in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion.


Community Connections for Children has over 70 employees and each year serves:

  • 2,800 children through the Child Care Works program
  • 750 child care programs and approximately 12,000 children through the Keystone STARS program which promotes high quality early childhood education
  • Provides over 1,500 professional development workshops, college classes, and conferences for early childhood educators
  • 100 home-based child care programs serving over 500 children through the CACFP program which provides nutrition and wellness education and financial support for healthy meals for children who are cared for in home-based programs in 21 counties across PA
  • 250 home-based providers through training and on-site technical assistance to help them become certified by the PA Department of Human Services (DHS) and enroll in Keystone STARS
  • Assisted over 1,500 families in finding quality child care for their children

An Important Note About a Parent’s Responsibility

Selecting and monitoring a child care provider is the right and responsibility of the parent or guardian. Providers listed with Community Connections for Children are regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. Providers have not been screened, evaluated, or recommended by Community Connections for Children. Community Connections for Children neither guarantees nor endorses the providers.