Selecting Quality Care

Community Connections for Children Child Care Checklist …

Download a copy of the Quality Care Checklist here.

We suggest you print a copy of this list and take it with you while visiting prospective child care facilities.

  1. Frequent, warm interaction among children and caregivers
  2. Specially trained caregivers sensitive to individual child and family needs
  3. Balanced daily program with time for play, learning, rest and meals
  4. Enough adults to respond to individual children (meets/exceeds PA regulations)
  5. Safe, clean, pleasant environment with areas for rest, quiet play and active play
  6. A learning environment encouraging creativity, problem solving and social skills
  7. Equipment, toys and materials appropriate to each child’s age and abilities
  8. Nutritious and appealing meals and snacks
  9. Open communication with parents – visits and questions are encouraged
  10. Secure, stable environment with low staff turnover
  11. Participation in Quality Improvement programs such as Keystone STARS or national accreditation

An Important Note About Your Responsibility

Selecting and monitoring a child care provider is the right and responsibility of the parent or guardian. Providers listed with Community Connections for Children are regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. Providers have not been screened, evaluated, or recommended by Community Connections for Children. Community Connections for Children neither guarantees nor endorses the providers.