Your employee’s child care is critical to your business

Child care is an important part of American life. Here’s a PDF from the Census Bureau that illustrates this point.

Have you ever had an employee miss work or resign because they do not have child care for their children? Have you ever experienced a loss in production due to your employees being worried about the type of care their child is receiving while they’re at work? Have you ever wondered how you can maintain your workforce and solve these problems?

Community Connections for Children is here to help!

Our corporate, customized referral services save each parent an average of ten hours (often spent during work hours) locating child care. We assist parents/guardians with customized child care searches to locate the highest quality care possible so they can focus on their work, increasing productivity and job satisfaction. Additionally, turnover of staff is reduced since parents are able to locate stable, affordable care. We’ve summarized the benefits of child care to your business in this PDF

Child care referral services for employees

  • Individualized consultation
  • Customized referrals with vacancy information
  • Detailed profiles about each child care provider
  • Extensive information and practical advice from trained specialists
  • Current information about today’s child care trends affecting the workplaces

We invite you, as an Employer, to consider adding this service to your employees’ benefit package. Save yourself time and money and give your staff peace of mind.

Serving employer’s child care needs with…

  • Consultation on developing family friendly policies and benefits to help employees balance work and family life
  • On-site training for employees on child development, parenting, and work/family issues

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