Tribute to Gretchen

Posted on: January 24th, 2022 by Kristen Miller

Eleven years ago, a new face appeared at our CCC staff meeting!  When Gretchen was introduced as the new Administrative Assistant and gave us a smile and a few comments, we could tell what a kind and gentle person she was.  As we all had passing conversations with her through the years, she was always polite, genuinely interested in what we were talking about, and would share a spark of her humor from time to time.  Among her responsibilities as Administrative Assistant, one gave time back to the STARS staff by creating, mailing certificates and letters to providers for which the STARS Specialists were profoundly grateful!   

All of our CCC Team have warm memories of Gretchen and honor a life well-lived. 

Gretchen had a beautiful spirit, great sense of humor and was truly a special lady.  She will be missed.  – Carol 

Gretchen was a calm, quiet presence at CCC. She always had a smile and a kind word.  I will miss hearing her and Steph talk as I walked by their office or was at the copier.  We will all miss her compassion and dedication. – Christy 

Gretchen was my Best Friend 

We always joked that we were the Golden Girls of CCC 

So Gretchen, Thank you for being my friend 
Your heart was true, you were my pal and my confidant 

I’m not ashamed to say 

I love you and I miss you more than I can fathom 

So Gretchen, Thank you for being my friend 

  • Stephanie 

Gretchen and I would commiserate most mornings about the traffic from the York Split to York.  We both would shrug, shake our heads and say, “Could you believe how fast people were going or what did you do while you sat still on the Rt. 83 parking lot today?”   It felt good to know someone else had the same experiences!   Gretchen, you are missed.   – Sally 

Gretchen started at CCC over 11 years ago, and quickly became a part of our family. 

I will always remember my conversations with Gretchen, about our families, our dogs, our shared experiences. 

And her kindness, thoughtfulness, and her smile. 

CCC will not be the same without her, I will not be the same without her. But we are all better for knowing her. 

Until we meet again Gretchen, you will be missed. 

  • Erica